Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Village Life

I spent the last three days in the land where women smell of coconut oil, men have excessive facial hair and everyone speaks Tamil with a mallu accent. Yes, I spent the last three days in Nagarcoil.

Day 1:

- My cousin and I got yelled at by 3 middle aged ugly men who were under the impression that we were prying on them while they were bathing. Egoistic bastards!

- I was chased by a goat. Not so much chased as stared at, actually. But I ran for my life anyway.

Day 2:

- I heard the worst music group in the world perform. Yes, Backstreet Boys and Boyzone included. They perform at the local church choir. I finally know what wrong pitch, non sync and scary voices mean.

- We played family cricket. My 9 year old cousin and my 25 year old brother were the captains. The other players included 5 clueless girls. It was soon established, without a doubt, that I sucked most out of the 5. Our cricket involved a lot of dangerous swinging of the bat and some aimless throwing of the ball which more often than not, ended up in the neighbor's yard. After an hour of excessive sweating, tons of family jokes and a lot of rolling around in the mud ( on my part), we decided that the game was a draw.

Day 3:

- It has been established that kids hate me. It is finally official. My little cousin started crying because I touched her. Crying, yes. With tears and everything.

- I got on a train to come home.


There is a lot of noise around me, there is never enough time to do everything I want to do, There are no more kids running around wanting to play with me, I get to worry about my life and where it is heading, meal times only last around 10 times and everything is just a little more rushed and complicated now. In short, Life is back to normal.

Monday, December 08, 2008


Do you ever feel offended when your friends make fun of you or something about you?

Do you feel offended even when you know they aren't trying to make you feel bad?

Do you ever feel offended when your friends judge you for doing something which they used to do?

I feel offended.

I also feel angry and upset.

The other side of the coin isn't so much fun.