Tuesday, April 14, 2009


" One thing I've managed to do without any assistance is screw up my Life. And once my board results come out, everyone will know the exact extent to which I have managed to screw up my Life so far "

You know, There is no such thing as screwing up your life.

There is birth and then, There is death.
Everything that comes in between is called Life.

There is no such thing as doing something productive or doing something unproductive.
Because you see, Even when you are doing nothing, you are still killing time.

And whatever you do between birth and death is done only to kill time.

All you do in life is sit around and wait for death.


Dude : Sir, I don't know what to do with my life

Prof : Everyone comes to a place in their life where they feel that way.

Dude : Sir, What will happen to me?

Prof : You will get a graduate degree.
You will get married.
You will buy a house.
You will buy a car.
You will have kids.
You will die.

Dude : * blank stare *

Prof : This, we know, will happen to everyone.

Dude : But...But sir, I want to be Rich.

Prof : But that is not in your hands.

Dude : Sir, I want to be popular

Prof : Alas! That isn't in your hands either.

Dude : But Sir, I want to be happy!

Prof : Now THAT, is in your hands.
Happiness is a choice.
And you can choose to be happy.

* Silence *

Dude : This guy doesn't know shit!