Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Racist Mother

Conversations with my mom can be very amusing. Mostly for her and the general public. For me though, it usually serves as a reason to proceed forth in the quest for a wall that I can bang my head against, repeatedly.

Here is something that transpired between me and my racist mother -

Mom: So that's why she's here?

Me: Haan. She was only--

Mom: What is that sound you keep making with your nose?

Me: Huh? WHAT? What sound?

Mom: You know, the one you just made. [Proceeds to make the sound of a donkey with nasal problems]

Me : Ayyooo! Ma! That wasn't a noise. I said 'Haan', It means 'Yes' in Hindi.

Mom: Oh. It sounded like a Hindi snort. I don't like it.


Shimmer said...

yes, mothers sarcasm can sting bad!
i know dear, i know! ;)

Anonymous said...

HAH! Moms OWN.
And i read te blog. :P


AJai said...

oh come on... you're just being real hard on mom!
and to be honest the haan does sometimes sound like you;re going to sneeze! ;-)

Raveena said...

@ Shimmer - I hate genetics.

@ Rhea - You need to stop supporting my mother!

@ AJai - Such a tamilian you've proved yourself to be!

mehernaz said...