Sunday, February 24, 2008


"HAHAHA.Joke.*claps*" -Suk

Sahara:I can trigger mucus to come outta ma mouth
Sahara:Whaaat?!! Its a personal burping!*grins*

Me: Hey! What's up?
Sahara (very proudly) : You know, my sister gave me a dare to lick my toes and I did it!"

Astro: You look different today.
Me: Why?
Astro: Because your eyes are open
Me: My eyes are always open.
Astro: But you look different with your eyes open today.

"You are excreting our frandship. But I have my imaginary frand Billy the Pornstar. He's a loyal and faithful frand. He will destroy you." - Sahara

Me: Aaaaargh!! I just wanna kill myself.
Sahara: Okay! I can suggest SEVEN fun ways for you to do it.

"I said you get out, You do that or get out" - ML

Random guy (on chat) : Who are you?
Species Girl: I am spike.
RG (Irritated) : Spike, My ass!
SG: oh! Won't it hurt?

"The birds will get a heart attack and die" - Astro

Me: My BS sir said, "Are you able to clear?"
Sahara: That's what they ask people after a urine test.

"I will throw your books in the dustbin or in the outside" - ML

Me (very irritated) : G'lost! Go screw urself!
Sahara: Ummm....Thatz technically impossible



The Survivor said...

oh, wow.
I'm funny.

*proud to be Sahara XD*

doodler said...

ur vetti

The Survivor said...

heyyy ! X(
how come you don't have Doodler's quotes?! no fair! she's not Madame Nicey you know :P

Siddharth said...

Speechless as the blog leaves me,I,as a perfect stranger to the thoroughly admirable qualities of "Sahara" infer the following-

1)Sahara is insane.
No , not figuratively.

2)You just spent ,what 10 minutes typing all this?
"Screwing yourself" , technically impossible as it is,would have been more productive!

Jean said...

@ Sahara

Who do u think Species Girl is? :D

@ Siddharth

I told u to be nice!
Stupid Lettuce!

amrit said...

Spike, my ass!


doodler said...

@ sahara



Stickfigureondrugs said...

Spike My Ass any day :p

Weird, but good read! :D

Vinodh said...

you must take a break...for the good of your readers!