Thursday, July 17, 2008

Same differences.

Have you ever hated someone for all the qualities that you possess?
The qualities which make you who you are? And yet destroy everything you have?

We share the same kind of sorrows.
We find happiness in the same sort of things.
Little things make a difference to us.
We are empathetic towards each other.
We hardly talk, but we understand.
We are so different and yet, so similar.

And still, I despise him.
I despise him because he is everything I am and don't want to be.
I wish he would change. I keep telling him that he should in the hope that I wouldn't have to be reminded of my faults so often.
But he says he's content being who he is.
He's smug. So am I.
I say I'm happy being who I am too.

But I am happy.
Maybe he is too.
I will never know.
I hate him too much to ask.


Raphael said...

seems like you have a soul twin out there.

me too would have hated ANYONE who behaved and thought the same way as me!

Me. said...

are you refering to your brother,by any chance?

Jean said...

@ Raphael

Atleast someone understands! :)

@ Me

No, I'm not referring to my brother.

What has beer been telling you about me?:O

Daisy Blue said...

I agree :)

Abhishek... inside out said...

its kinda like being jealous as well, the way i think it. you don't need to be losing to be jealous, you just need to be not winning, equal to someone else.
i understand your feelings, no one kisses the mirror.

sakhi said...

hey thats such a good thought! ANd i am adding you to my blog roll! :)

Dissillusioned Caffine Addict said...

i guess that is why science has this law that says

"Opposites Attract and Alike Repels"