Friday, October 01, 2010

Hazy Conversations

It's been a weekend of excess. Excess of this, that and some other things as well.

Some lines were crossed, barriers broken, bonds formed and confessions made. Most importantly, after over a year in a new city, strong lines of trust and friendship have been forged.

Memories of this weekend shall always be hazy, colorful, with a tint of guilt and a mixture of happiness, loneliness and conversations interrupted by bouts of laughter.

Bombay might be the city of dreams after all.


Anonymous said...

Being tagged in this post, and being there that day means a lot to me. I kinda knew what it would be about when I read it on fb ;)
Really, really sweet, Raveenay.

Sam said...

nice photography!

Raveena said...

@ Rhea - Not just that day. You were around on both days! :)

@ Sam - I didn't click that. That's something I flicked off the internet.
But since you mentioned it, guess what my next post is going to be.

nikita said...

To my dearest raviney,

Strange thing, all this. Would never've guessed at the beginning of college that things would be this way. Soooo awesome. :)

I love change some times.

Big pink gay hearts,
Niki D

Raveena said...

Sometimes, Big pink gay hearts is all you need. And some friends to watch the rainbow with! :)

Anonymous said...

Woooowww all the sweetnesses!!

Sam said...

Do I get something if I guess right? :P

Raveena said...

It was a rhetorical question. I want my gift first. GIVE!

et said...

I'm getting more clues from more people these days that Bombay might be the city of dreams, after all. I shall try spending some time, sometime, in your city.

Jadis said...

Lovely,lovely pic~!!

Raveena said...

ET - With the right err... substances, yea, it's a pretty cool place! ;)

Jadis - I flicked it off the internet! :P