Thursday, October 07, 2010

My Mother just doesn't Understand Me!

I sent my mom a text message

I’m feeling nostalgia and boredom. Do you think I should drink Tea?"

The first part of it was a mere statement of fact and the second was a question. Now this message would make perfect sense to anyone who knows me.

I have exams starting Monday which means that I should be spending majority of my time studying, which is not what I'm doing. Instead, I stare into blank spaces or lie squirming on my bed thinking about studying and hence, I get bored.

I live away from home and any little thing can set me off and make me nostalgic. Since it’s exam time and I usually spend a lot of time pre-exams engaging in futile activities like cleaning out my inbox, sms and looking through old greeting cards, nostalgia comes as a common illness.

I have a weakness for Tea and coffee. If not for Tea and coffee, I’ll probably die or sleep or do both simultaneously. I ask people if I should drink tea/coffee because it makes me feel better about ingesting so much caffeine.

Now my mother, who calls me only if there’s a commercial inbetween the program she’s watching, called as soon as I sent her the sms to tell me I’m an idiot.

Mom: What does nostalgia and tea have anything to do with eachother?

Me: I just want Tea mummu.

Mom: Idiot!

Me: Whaat? Don’t scold when I’m feeling nostalgia.

Mom: Do you know what ‘nostalgia’ means?  Go check with a dictionary. It’s called nausea, not nostalgia.

Me: Er! :| 

My mother, of all people, expects me to be logical on a hot afternoon before exams.

She just doesn’t understand me. I almost died of emotional trauma but fear not, Tea saved me.


Minthami said...

hahahahahahaha pooooor Jeeennnnuuuuuu!

Shimmer said...

hehehehe :P
but i wonder... did that cure your nostalgia? :P at least for the day:P

Raveena said...

Tea makes everything okay. Even nostalgia.

Sam said...

You = Major drama queen.

Raveena said...

That could be true, if it is, I am a rather misunderstood drama queen, don't you think?

The Depressed Doormat said...

I am appalled by the grammar used in the text message, just appalled. Far too many nouns for one sentence.

Raveena said...

That's why it's a text message, doormat boy, and not a literary masterpiece.

Sakhi said...


U reminded me of my hostel days! Thank god, though, we did not have mobiles then! :D :D

Sam said...

Lol @ reply to doormat. :P

Or maybe you're just an incomprehensible drama queen.

Raveena said...

@Sakhi - Ah yes! Look what technology has done to us! :P

@ Sam - Ooo! Can I be mysterious?! So much cooler it would be. I'm the mysterious drama queen.

Hema said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha... i understand the emotional trauma! miss u raveena!

Hema said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha... i understand the emotional trauma! miss u raveena!

Raveena said...

Miss you too, Hema! I'll come chill while you work when I get home in November! :)

Shail Raghuvanshi said...

You have a cute blog Raveena. Keep on with your musings. That's the best way out....


PsycheBubbles said...

that was a very clever post, UBlog, and iLike! lol!

Keep sharing! :)

Jadis said...

Fucking Epic, girl!!!

Plus your mom's damn cool.:)

Raveena said...

@ Shail - Thank you! :)

@ Psychebubbles - iThank :D

@ Jadis - Everyone says that about my mom. I've never understood why! :|

The Depressed Doormat said...

@Raveena: Text messages are not good enough excuses for poor grammar. That is just why people think it is okay to type "frnd" on a perfectly good 101 character keyboard, or da for the, or ur for your and you're.

@Sam: You = Major drama queen sums it all up. The next time I need someone to state the obvious, I shall certainly call on your services.

As for my comment, it appears all this "texting" has turned brains into mush. When one of you figures out the hidden "intent" encoded within my original comment, consider yourself as having earned a passing grade, pat yourself on the back and move on to the 2nd grade, where you will be met by other kids that will be learning about nouns.

Raveena said...

@ Doormat - So smart you are. Intelligence level above average with a second grade pass certificate.