Friday, September 30, 2011


It's not too difficult to find Truth. He's a little evasive but not impossible to seek out. All you need is a little patience that never runs out.The hard part comes in when Truth turns up at your doorstep stark naked, slaps you across the face and then asks you for a cup of tea because you'd gone out of your way to meet him the last time he showed up at someone else's doorstep. You know he's there to stay and there's nothing you can do but accept it. Whoever said Ignorance is bliss probably said it only after he saw Truth in the shower with his wife. 


Anonymous said...

I shouldn't be liking this, or agreeing. But I do, and I do. I like this a lot.

Rhea, who still reads your blog ;)

oof ya! said...

ouch .

The Me. said...

loved the last line. Haha.

Abhishek said...

I hope it wasn't a guy named Truth. How weird would it be to be named Truth.

Random stranger to another: "Truth be told..."

Truth: " I'm listening."