Saturday, September 04, 2010

Mornin' Musings

This morning, an interesting question came to my mind when I was doing sip, sip, sip with my perfectly concocted chai. 

Considering that the Universe has everything planned for you (Very How I met Your Motherish, I know) and it all leads to "Something", I can see two distinct paths my life could possibly take. We all know what the ultimate end is ( Yes, I memento I mori! ) but I believe there's a point, somewhere before that, where everything falls into place. A point where you'll come to believe that you've arrived somewhere that explains or justifies your struggle against the crap life threw at you just for the heck of it, a point where you feel like it's all okay, a point where you stop fighting and just bask in divine realization. 

So, When two roads diverge in a yellow wood 
And I choose the one that leads to Mumbai:

Does Life give me what I Want ?

Or, Does life give me what I Deserve?


Anonymous said...

Neat li'l place you got here. :P but no raveenay anywhere! =/ but it is still loookin good!
I'ma follow you now. :P

Lurve the about me. xD Thank you for not being Jean.

--rhea (pain in the arse to sign in) lol

vishesh said...

who cares? what's the difference anyway..."What I want is what I deserve", "I want what I deserve" , "I want what I want"... nothing's all the same. That you have to 'get' something out of life. Whether it really should be classified is rather questionable. I mean who the hell decides that anyway?
All I say is carpe diem. And of course, if you aren't able to..fuck it. Nothing matters. Existence is something which no one understands yet tries to define.

On a lighter this(if you haven't) -

Raveena said...

The question was completely misinterpreted and overlooked but Black Adder... Good shit!

oof ya! said...

would you please tell me what are the ingredients of your specially concocted chai?

Raveena said...

I don't think the guy at the college canteen would be very happy about giving away the secret to his awesome chai recipe. That's probably where he makes all his money.

R. Ramesh said...

yepp...there seems to be a definite pattern..and v realise that only when v look back...good post buddy..made me think..wishes

Sam said...

okay, i REALLY like your blog.

oof ya! said...

hahaha college canteen !!!!!!! oh well then it will remain a mystery forever. was hoping to get a new recipe but i guess next time !!!!!

Raveena said...

@ Sam - Gee, thanks! That was a real nice comment!:)

@ oof ya! - One day, the chai recipe shall mysteriously disappear. That day, you shall know the secret! :D