Thursday, September 09, 2010

The New Age Hero!

You know Tamil movies where there’s a hero who’s trying to do some good/bring justice/save the world?

You know how this hero always has to face corrupt government officials?  You know how at first he has to run round and round the government building looking for the right officer to address his problem, refuse to budge even though he’s been told that he’ll have to come back four days later, get frustrated because of the lack of accountability of the government employees, contemplate what will happen to the country when a government office is so unorganized, stand outside a conference room waiting for the officer to come out so that he can have his cause heard?

I did all that today.
Only, I did it all in my pseudo-hindi style!

“ Nikki, I’ll talk to him in English if he understands.”
“ Noooo, Raveena! Hindi first and then I’ll start slowly slowly using English words and we’ll see if he recognizes them. Then we’ll switch languages.”


vishesh said...

ha! I played spidey sans the webs. Bah! am a super hero. You are just a hero. :D

Raveena said...

True, that. I bow to you.

Where did you play spidey again?

Sam said...

Haha, love her reply. :P

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Dear Raveena, yours is the kind of blog I'd like to return to everyday and especially on days when gray seems to be, grayer. Had so many laugh out loud moments, which is good thing! Love your style of writing, your detailed observation of everyday life and love love love that wit! Way to go!

Raveena said...

@ Sam - You are becoming the best blog friend ever! :D

@ Oxymoron - Thank You! You've made my day. Heck, my month! :)

sharmadha said...


as usual you watch all the wrong movies.

Heroes in Tamil movies never beg or far as I have seen they just bash all the guys they can see in the near vicinity , specially corrupt government officials.
They just automatically qualify for a 'total bash up'.

Raveena said...

Sharmadha, I shall bring you some Tamil movies the next time I come from the tamiland.

You have had a sheltered life, my friend. I shall change that.

Akshaya said...

Vijaykanth will be proud to read this. He will be proud because someone outside his lair of bad film actors has been inspired by him and that someone is a very intelligent human entity that can switch languages and all, Vijaykanth 2.0, more like.
Good work ! :)

nikita said...

when i'm old and my teeth r falling out. i'll come back n read your blog raviney; college memories n all that, so awesome-ly written down, n then i'll laugh a toothless cackle perhaps.

brillianto maximo. :P

-niki d

Raveena said...

Hearts and roses, coasts and moses - As penned by a very wise soul!

Divia said...

Hey Raveena that was cool... been there done that during my OBC certificate episode way back in 2002. Never been in anyof the offices lately... did u know Oxymoron and u went to the same church... have u guys met? She still goes to St. Lukes, you dont:)
Otherwise how is you

Raveena said...

Hey Divia, I figured as much since Oxymoron is friends with Clem! :)

I'm good, been staying away from public offices. What about you?